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Basics of Social Research Workshop

Al-Moltaqa organized a workshop on Basics of Social Research for the volunteers of the “Draw Your Dream” NGO in Tora

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Al-Moltaqa New Letter

"The official newsletter "The latest news, views and announcements and job vacancies

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 Gender Sensitive Citizen Charter Project Baseline Study and Gender Gap Analysis "

" Our baseline report for Care International Egypt project titled " Gender Sensitive Citizen Charter Project Baseline Study and Gender Gap Analysis "

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About Al-Moltaqa

AL-Moltaqa started on February 2015 as a specialized training and studies center in the field of development. Al-Moltaqa was founded as social enterprise by a group of passionate development experts who aim to use their knowledge and expertise to contribute to the change and transformation in Egypt and North Africa. Our team is mainly specialized in gender analyses, research and monitoring and evaluation. We also incubate social initiatives by young women and men who spire to develop their capacities in development project management research and knowledge building and soft skills. Al-Moltaqa has a social Responsibility policy; you can Find Here


Consulting And Research

Al-Moltaqa provides specialized consulting and research services in the field of development particularly Education, Reproductive Health and Youth Employment. We also conduct monitoring services and e

Development And Training

We highly regard training, capacity building and knowledge sharing as methods of personal and community development. Thus, we provide set of tailored training programs based on training needs assessme

Co-Work Space

Al-Moltaqa believes in the value of shared resources between social initiates to achieve desired transformation. For this it introduces well-equipped work space that accommodates diverse needs.


co-work space