Al-Moltaqa For Development, Training and researches

About Us

About Al-Moltaqa

Al-Moltaqa for development is a social enterprise registered as a limited liability firm in Egypt since 2015. It was established by senior development professionals who have been working in the development field in a wide spectrum of programmers and projects for over 15 years. The main mission of the enterprise is to contribute to the learning process emerging from the development field to feed into creating sustainable development solutions built on partnerships between development practitioners, policy makers and the private sector entities To view the social responsibility policies:

Our Vision

Our Vision : to become a leader in delivering professional development studies and research as well as training services and values to empower and transform communities across MENA. Our Values: The guiding factors for Al-Moltaqa to achieve its vision: 1. Inclusion: - promote gender equality; - equal opportunities 2. Social accountability 3.Innovation 4. Resource mobilization 5. Work place ethics

Our Mission

To deliver efficient, integrated and innovative development solutions/studies with exceptional expertise, service and values in Training, Gender and M&E aspects of development thus helping in transforming MENA socially and economically.

Our Team

Menna Al-Ameen

Program officer (Research unit)

Menna Mohsen

Program Assistant (Operations unit)

Doaa Bashir

Program officer (Learning and Evaluation unit)

Lobna Ali

Program officer (Learning and Evaluation unit)

Radwa Mohamed

Administrative an financial officer

Doaa Abdelaal

Head of Research Unit

Bassem Tharwat

Program Assistant (Research unit)

Shehata Hassan

Program assistant (Learning and Evaluation unit)


Fayrouz Ali


Neama Riad

Field Researcher

Sally Ibrahim